Our exquisitely crafted Signature Massage is an enchanting experience that transcends the ordinary and elevates relaxation to new heights. Inspired by the time-honored techniques of the Classic Massage, our Signature Massage is an artful blend of traditional expertise and innovative touches, designed to transport you on a journey of pure indulgence. UNYC massage is a perfect choice for you if your goal is to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance relaxation, promote a sense of calmness, and restore harmony to your body and mind.

60 minutes 60€


The Calm is a relaxing massage that consists of gentle strokes that aim to eliminate muscle tension and stress. This treatment, consisting of long, smooth, rhythmic movements, brings many benefits for your overall health and well-being, encouraging relaxation and calmness. By reducing stress hormones and lowering blood pressure, the body is better equipped to ward off disease or infection more efficiently.

30 minutes 35€

60 minutes 50€

90 minutes 75€


Classic massage is a good choice if you feel stress is building up in your body. Tight, painful muscles, headaches or migraines, contractures and fatigue – all of these symptoms can be caused by chronic stress. Classic massage is a solution. If you want to combine relaxation with a more intense massage, choose a classic massage. 

30 minutes 40€

60 minutes 60€

90 minutes 90€


Deep tissue or sports massage targets deep layers of muscle and the surrounding tissues. This type of massage may be a suitable option for you if you want to treat sports injuries or chronic pain. The technique is considered a therapeutic massage.

30 minutes 40€

60 minutes 60€

90 minutes 90€


Hot stone massage can help release tension in the whole body, allowing muscles to work more effectively after your therapy session. Anyone who is experiencing muscle tension, pain, or stress may benefit from a hot stone massage – feeling the heat and smoothness of the stones rolling over your body can be incredibly relaxing! If you have a chronic condition that causes pain, talk to your doctor to see if a hot stone massage is appropriate for you.

60 minutes 80€


Escape into a beautiful aromatic world with an aromatherapy massage. Fragrant essential oils of your choice are applied to the skin, combined with high-quality massage base oils. Essential oils, that are absorbed through the skin, are plant-based oils that are extracted from herbs, trees and flowers. Each oil has unique properties that provide therapeutic benefits. Depending on the oils used, aromatherapy can have many benefits for both your mind and your body, including improving your mood, reducing muscle pain and detoxifying your body. 

60 minutes 65€


Upon arrival, two therapists will greet you and take you to a private room with two massage tables side by side. During a session, both of you will receive treatments tailored to your specific needs, just as if it were an individual massage – not a “one-size-fits-all” massage. A couple’s massage allows you to have a shared experience that will result in a closer bond. You may choose this time to chat and catch up with each other or simply relax and enjoy the experience together.


60 minutes 100€

90 minutes 150€


60 minutes 120€

90 minutes 180€


Chiromassage is a manual technique based on the manipulation of muscular tissue and skin to restore the body to a normal condition. It is recommended for various ailments such as joint and muscle pain, cellulite, and contractures. This message type improves lymphatic circulation, as well as mobility and elasticity of the joints. Chiromassage is for you if you feel stiff or stressed, you frequently do desk work, or you just want to try something different from your usual classic massage. 

30 minutes 40€

60 minutes 60€

90 minutes 90€


A Sculptural Facial Massage, also known as a “non-surgical facelift”, is a great treatment to tighten the skin, smoothen wrinkles, reduce nasolabial folds, restore firmness and elasticity, tighten facial contour and keep skin tone even. A sculpting facial is great for clients of all ages and skin types. It can be performed as a standalone treatment or in addition to another procedure.

60 minutes 60€


Experience one of the most complete treatments available. Your journey begins with a full body massage involving aromatherapy, where fragrant essential oils of your choice are applied to the skin. Treatment then continues with a sculptural facial massage. To achieve full relaxation and harmony, the ritual is completed with a cranial massage that relieves tension in the central nervous system and promotes a feeling of deep relaxation. 

90 minutes 100€


Embark on a sensory journey with aromatherapy oils, enhancing the experience and nurturing your senses. Allow the therapeutic scents to uplift your spirit and transport you to a place of profound tranquillity. To complete this divine journey, our therapists will treat you to a relaxing facial massage for a radiant glow. Feel the stress and worries melt away, leaving you with a refreshed and revitalized essence. It’s a truly transformative experience that heals from within, offering solace to both body and spirit.

90 minutes 100€